We all know that our nature is constituted of five elements, i.e., sun, wind, fire, water, and space. These energy-rich natural forces highly influence our lives and make up our world. In unimaginable ways, our lives are affected by the sun’s rays, the wind’s motion, the earth’s attraction due to its magnetic fields, and other similar cosmic energy. Hence, these elements need to be balanced in nature to live a healthy and wealthy life. It is believed that one of the most effective ways to balance these factors is Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra is the oldest architectural science which is based on astrology. It originated from the Atharvaveda. Vastu Shastra is the study of designing building ideas according to the law of nature to create a holistic structure. A Vastu consultant helps design or renovate houses, offices, or any area based on scientific calculations, which are said to be placed with natural laws to bring harmony and prosperity to that place. You can even discuss a Vastu consultant online to get effective Vastu solutions. A Vastu consultant is mainly responsible for advising clients on how to design sites that promote success, Happiness, and health for everyone who works and lives there.

However, Vastu Shastra is an ancient practice, but still, it is given as much importance as it was. People design their houses and workplaces per the Vastu Shastra by keeping an appropriate balance between the five elements of nature. Initially, Vastu principles were used for building temples. Still, as time passes, it is used for designing houses, offices, schools, hospitals, industries, etc.

Key Elements of Vastu Shastra

As Vastu Shastra has been practiced since immemorial, there is still little difference between the old Vastu Shastra and the modern Vastu Shastra. However, it has been modified, and its ways have been altered according to the demands of the present time population. The fundamental concepts of the contemporary Vastu Shastra are still the same as those derived from the Vedic Sutras. The whole subject of Vastu Shastra lies in the proper knowledge of the shape of the buildings and their direction.

As per the Vastu Shastra, every intercardinal direction is directly linked to a specific element of nature. For instance, North East for water (Eesanya), South West for Earth (Nyruthi), South East for Fire (Agneya), and North West for Air (Vayavya). The cardinal directions also say much about our life. For example, the East and West direction signifies success and prosperity, the North represents wealth, and the South signs dharma. These directions are given much importance while designing and constructing a building. Other components like roominess, furniture demands, aspect, prospect, sanitation, privacy, air circulation, adaptability, elegance, etc., are also considered. Suppose you want to know about Vastu for home or workplace. In that case, you may consult a reliable Vastu consultant in India who will help you by giving excellent advice and may also help you to prevent various Vastu Doshas.

Some Vastu Tips for the home you need to know.

  • Since the main entrance of a house serves as an entry point for various energies, it should be clean and attractive. The main door should be built facing east, North, or northeast because it is believed to be ‘the arched doorway to prosperity and growth in life.’
  • There should be proper airflow in the house, and wind chimes should be placed at the doors to improve money flow.
  • Always leave the centre of the house empty or filled with little stuff. This allows the open and free flow of energy.
  • If there is too much conflict between the family members in the home, then placing a sandalwood statue in a location where you can see it repeatedly when passing by can reduce tension.
  • If there are heavy types of furniture, they should be placed in the southwest or west corner of the living room while the electric appliances should be placed in a South-east direction.
  • Immediately replace the non-working clocks in your home.
  • Ensure the leaky faucets, taps, or any other problematic plumbing are immediately repaired to prevent financial losses.
  • The corners of the home should always be lit because they are significant energy sources.
  • Install a crystal wind chime in the bedroom to eliminate family disputes and fighting.
  • Your almirah and cash locker should be placed on the Southwest or South wall of the house so that it opens in the North direction.


Vastu Shastra is a broad subject of study, and it is impossible to cover everything about it in a single article. But we have tried to tell you some facts about Vastu Shastra. The most accessible way to know about Vastu Shastra is to talk to a Vastu Consultant online, with whom you can connect by staying at home and getting complete knowledge.