The Indian automotive sector is currently experiencing a substantial surge in the electric vehicle revolution, as reflected in the remarkable growth in electric car sales during FY2022-2023. In response to the burgeoning demand for affordable electric cars in India, manufacturers have introduced a range of Electric Cars in India under 5 lakhs.

Thanks to favorable government policies and subsidies, EV manufacturers are gearing up to unveil a plethora of new electric cars in India, all within the 5 lakhs price bracket, with expected launches by the end of 2023.

This article will not only catalog the electric cars presently available and those on the horizon in India under the 5 lakhs price range but will also provide you with an electric car buying guide to aid in your decision-making process.

Here’s a list of electric cars in India under 5 lakhs:

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Strom Motors R3Rs 4.5 lakh6kWh200km
PMV EaS ERs 4.79 lakh48V200km
Tata Nano EVRs 4 lakh17kWh170km
Renault K ZERs 6 lakh26.8kWh350km
Mahindra Reva iRs 3.76 lakh48V80km
Electric Cars in India under 5 Lakhs

Strom Motors R3

electric cars in india under 5 lakhs
Key SpecificationsMetrics
PriceRs 4.5 lakh
Range200 km
Power20.4 PS
Strom Motors R3

The Strom Motors R3 has been generating quite a buzz in the realm of electric hatchbacks, proudly made in India and tailored for short urban journeys. It stands out as a personal mobility vehicle with its compact two-door design, accommodating two passengers, all wrapped in a charmingly boxy exterior. This little dynamo is available in four delightful color options: Red, White, Blue, and Silver.

In exciting news, Strom Motors has flung open the booking window for the upcoming 2023 session, welcoming eager enthusiasts to secure their spot.

Now, let’s delve into the delightful features and specifications that make the Strom R3 a true standout. The R3 spoils its occupants with a slew of enjoyable amenities, including a 7-inch central infotainment screen, Auto climate control for a comfortable journey, an Anti-theft GPS tracking system to ensure security, seamless voice command functionality, and the convenience of keyless entry.

Peeking under the hood, you’ll discover a robust 15kW motor, flexing its muscles to produce 20.4PS of power and a torque of 90Nm. This translates to a zippy top speed of 80kmph, perfect for navigating urban landscapes with ease.

When it comes to power and range, the Strom R3 comes equipped with a 6kWh battery pack that offers a generous driving range of 200km on a full charge. While it may not support fast charging, it’s worth noting that this little wonder reaches full charge in a mere 3 hours when connected to a 22kW AC charger.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for—the price. The Strom R3 electric car comes with an attractive price tag of Rs 4.5 lakh (ex-showroom) in India, making it an enticing option for eco-conscious urban explorers.Strom Motors R3 is one electric cars in india under 5 lakhs.


electric cars in india under 5 lakhs
Key SpecificationsMetrics
PriceRs 4.79 lakh
Range140 km
Power13.5 PS

PMV’s EaS E stands as a beacon of popularity and affordability in the realm of micro-electric cars, embracing a compact two-door design tailored for Indian roads. This innovative creation hails from the Indian startup PMV Electric, addressing the dual concerns of escalating environmental challenges and the accessibility of electric vehicles in India. The PMV EaS E excels as a practical electric car ideally suited for the daily urban commute, serving as a sustainable and convenient mobility solution.

What sets the PMV EaS E apart is its unwavering commitment to safety. Surprisingly, PMV has equipped this micro-electric car with state-of-the-art safety features that include dual airbags at the front, a rear parking camera for enhanced maneuvering, and a sophisticated anti-theft sensor system to safeguard your investment.

Now, let’s unravel the exciting array of features and specifications that the EaS E boasts. This electric wonder is packed with power-packed amenities such as Auto AC for climate control, a Digital Driver’s display to keep you informed, a Bluetooth infotainment screen for connectivity on the go, the convenience of remote door lock/unlock, and the practicality of power windows.

Digging deeper into the specs, the EaS E is built upon PMV’s robust electric powertrain, featuring a single motor that flexes its muscles to generate a maximum power output of 13.6 PS and a torque of 50Nm. The beauty of this torque is its instant response, delivering a thrilling experience for first-time EV owners and seasoned electric car enthusiasts alike.

When it comes to power and range, the PMV EaS E arrives equipped with a 48V battery pack that opens up a commendable driving range of 200 km on a full charge. While it may not support fast charging, it’s good to know that this micro-electric marvel gracefully recharges using a 3.3kW AC charger in a reasonable 4.5 hours.

And now, the price. The PMV EaS E electric car carries an attractive price tag of Rs 4.79 lakh (ex-showroom) in India. This places it comfortably within the most affordable electric car segment in the Indian market, making it an enticing choice for eco-conscious urban commuters and budget-conscious EV enthusiasts.PMV’s EaS E is one electric cars in india under 5 lakhs.

Tata Nano Electric

electric cars in india under 5 lakhs
Key SpecificationsMetrics
PriceRs 4 lakh
Range170 km
Power24 HP
Tata Nano Electric

Tata Motors is gearing up to introduce a game-changing electric vehicle to the Indian market—the highly anticipated Tata Nano EV. Positioned as India’s most affordable electric car in the sub-5 lakh segment, the Tata Nano EV seamlessly blends practicality and comfort to deliver a versatile electric mobility solution.

Initially designed to join Ola’s electric fleet in 2020, the Tata Nano EV is now making its way to the broader consumer market. Upon launch, it is expected to face off against competitors like the MG Air EV. In terms of safety, Tata Nano EV boasts dual front airbags, parking sensors, and an Automatic Braking System.

Features and Specifications While the Tata Nano EV retains a similar exterior design to its ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) counterpart, its interior receives a modern upgrade. Inside, you’ll find a 7-inch touchscreen display, a digital instrument cluster, convenient USB ports, and ambient lighting for a comfortable and tech-savvy experience.

Under the hood, the Nano EV is built on the X3 platform to accommodate its electric powertrain. It’s equipped with a 72V induction motor that packs a punch with a maximum power output of 24HP and a robust torque of 85 Nm.

Battery and Range The Tata Nano EV is anticipated to feature a 17kWh battery pack, offering an impressive driving range of 170 km on a full charge. While it doesn’t support fast charging, the Nano EV can charge from 0 to 80 percent in approximately 4 hours using an AC charger.

Price When it hits the market, the Tata Nano EV is set to make waves with its attractive price tag of Rs 4 lakh (ex-showroom) in India. This positioning solidifies its status as one of the most affordable electric cars in the country, promising a bright future for electric mobility.Tata Nano Electric is one electric cars in india under 5 lakhs.

Renault K ZE EV

electric cars in india under 5 lakhs
Key SpecificationsMetrics
PriceRs 6 lakh
Power45 PS
Renault K ZE EV

Renault is gearing up to introduce the Renault K ZE EV, a fully automatic electric hatchback, to the Indian market in 2023. Known for its lineup of mass-market affordable cars, Renault is poised to address the surging demand for economical electric vehicles in India by potentially launching a range of the most budget-friendly electric cars available, all under Rs 6 lakhs.

The Renault K ZE EV often gets mistaken for the Renault Kwid EV due to its resemblance to the popular ICE Renault Kwid. However, it distinguishes itself by offering excellent performance tailored to city commutes and everyday travel.Renault K ZE EV is one electric cars in india under 5 lakhs.

Features and Specifications:

The Renault K ZE boasts an array of compelling features, including an automatic AC, cutting-edge connected car technology, compatibility with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, air quality and climate sensors, and a 360-degree camera integrated into the 8-inch central touchscreen display.

Under the hood, the K ZE employs a dual motor setup, delivering a maximum power output of 45PS and an impressive torque of 125 Nm.

Battery and Range:

Powering the K ZE electric car is a robust 26.8kWh battery pack, which translates into an exceptional driving range of 350km on a single charge. This range is well-suited for various driving needs, making it highly versatile.


The Renault K ZE is set to make its mark with an enticing price point of Rs. 6 lakhs (ex-showroom) in India, making it an affordable yet formidable contender in the electric vehicle segment. Renault is all set to redefine the concept of budget-friendly electric mobility.

Mahindra Reva

electric cars in india under 5 lakhs
Key SpecificationsMetrics
PriceRs 3.76 lakh
Range80 km
Power17.4 HP
Mahindra Reva

In 2002, Mahindra Reva kickstarted India’s electric car journey with the launch of the Mahindra Reva, a micro-electric car loaded with high-tech features and impressive safety ratings. Although the original model has been discontinued by the manufacturer, the Mahindra Reva i remains available in various second-hand electric car markets, making it an ideal choice for urban Indian commuters.Mahindra Reva is one electric cars in india under 5 lakhs.

Features and Specifications

The Mahindra Reva i doesn’t compromise on essential amenities. It features power steering, a digital driver’s display, a Bluetooth-enabled infotainment system, USB ports for connectivity, and adjustable seats for comfort. These features ensure that your electric car experience is both convenient and enjoyable.

Performance and Power

Under the hood, the Mahindra Reva i boasts an electric motor generating 17.4 HP of power and 52 Nm of torque. This translates to a top speed of 80 km/h, making it suitable for navigating city streets and daily commutes.

Battery and Range

The Reva i is equipped with a 48V Lead-Acid battery pack, offering a respectable driving range of 80 km on a full charge. While it may not have the extended range of modern EVs, it fulfills the needs of those with shorter daily commutes.

Price and Availability

One of the most enticing aspects of the Mahindra Reva i is its price. Priced at just Rs 3.76 lakh (ex-showroom) in India, it falls into the affordable electric car category, making it accessible for a wide range of Indian consumers.

Electric Car Buying Guide: Key Considerations

If you’re considering purchasing an electric car in India, several key specifications should influence your decision. Here are some crucial factors to keep in mind:

1. Range: Select an electric car with a range that matches your daily travel requirements. Analyze factors like your typical travel distance, the availability of charging infrastructure, and fast-charging options to save time.

2. Battery Capacity: A larger battery pack delivers a greater range, but it’s vital to strike a balance between range and cost. Electric cars with higher battery capacity usually come with a higher price tag. Evaluate your driving habits and opt for a battery capacity that suits your needs without exceeding your budget.

3. Charging Infrastructure: Investigate the charging infrastructure in your vicinity. Look for an electric car that supports various charging options, including standard AC charging at home and public DC fast charging. Consider the proximity of public charging stations and the possibility of setting up a Level 2 EV Charger at your residence or workplace for added convenience.

4. Performance and Power: Performance is crucial. Electric vehicles are known for their instant torque, providing swift acceleration. Consider factors such as horsepower, torque, and the car’s ability to handle diverse road conditions.

5. Safety Features: Prioritize safety when choosing an electric car. Look for features like ABS, multiple airbags, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as collision warnings and lane departure warnings. These features contribute to a safer driving experience.

6. Maintenance and Warranty: Examine the warranty coverage offered by the car’s manufacturer, especially for the battery pack, motor, and other critical components. Ensure that spare parts are readily available at local service centers.

In Conclusion:

The Indian electric vehicle landscape is evolving rapidly, thanks to government support and subsidies. Manufacturers are introducing a range of affordable cars in india under 5 lakhs, offering compelling options for environmentally conscious consumers. This buying guide equips you with the knowledge to select the perfect electric car at an affordable price point, ensuring a greener and more efficient future on India’s roads.