Brown is one of the most abundant colors and can be easily seen in nature. When painting specific things like trees, animals, woods, and skin tones different shades of brown are needed. The brown color is essential to make your art alive and praiseworthy. If you’re an artist you must know colors. Here, we’re giving you several ways to make different shades of brown color, Also, to change its saturation, value, and hue. Also, we will give you some insights about how to make the perfect brown for your perfect art piece.
Which Colors Make Brown?
Understanding the color and its shades is a little tricky. And when it comes to brown, there are several shades, from dark mahogany to light sandy beige. In short, making brown color can be a nerve-wracking task if you don’t understand the basics of color mixing. The most fundamental colors that make brown are red, blue, and yellow. These three colors are hues in color theory and cannot be made from any other colors. You can change the ratio and amount of primary color to get your desired shade of brown color. The basic rules are that You can get secondary color by mixing two primary colors. For example: If you mix red and blue which are primary colors then you will get purple which is a secondary color. Furthermore, there are complementary colors that will help further.
Now, as you understand the basic principles of color mixing, you can make brown color simply by mixing a secondary color with its complementary color. However, mixing different color mixes gives you different shades of brown. For example, mixing blue and orange will give you brown with a green base, and yellow with purple will give you a warmer tone with a yellow tint. Also, the amount of light affects the saturation of the color, how bright and dull the shade is depends on how light and dark, the light is.

Which two color makes brown?
Brown is a secondary color and can be easily made by combining three primary colors easily. but, if you have a lack of colors, and you still want to make a brown color. You can mix a secondary color with its complementary color to get brown color. Here, are some combinations below for your ease.
Purple + Yellow = Brown
Blue + Orange = Brown
Red + Green = Brown

If you want to make a lighter shade of brown then simply add little white to the mixture to get the perfect light shade of brown.

How to get different shades of Brown?
You can get different shades of brown color by using different colors, firstly start with a base of complementary colors, then add other pigments to control the brightness and temperature of brown paint. You can also add or subtract as per your desired color. Here, are some of the shades of brown you can make

a) Light Brown: If you want to make light brown paint mix yellow with a purple base. Add a small amount of titanium white to your obtained brown color and you will get a lighter shade of brown. To make your brown lighter you can add more amount of white to it. Also, if you want a light and warm brown then just add little cadmium to it.

b) Dark Brown: If you want to draw dark chocolate or anything related to dark brown then you can make this color. You can make it by mixing two complementary colors like you can add red and green and then add a little bit of black to it. You may add some red to get more warm darker shades on the other hand, you can add blue to get cooler darker shades.

c) Cool Brown: To make cooler brown you can add orange with blue and then add some cool colors like purple, green, etc. You can add purple to get a dust lavender-like color while adding blue make the combination a little foggy.

d) Warm color: Adding warm brown to your art is cool. To make a warmer tone of brown mix red and green, blue and orange, or yellow and purple. Add more warm colors to of warmer texture. You can add orange to create a burnt-umber shade and yellow to get a light, muddy finish.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Which true colors make brown?
If you want to make brown paint just by using primary colors, Combine red, yellow, and blue in equal ratios. You can add more blue to give it purplish touch.

2. Is brown a cool or a warmer color?
Brown is one of the most fascinating colors and has many shades. You can give your brown either look. Add more amount of blue or purple to make coolers shade while to make a warmer shade add red, orange, and yellow.

3. Can I make brown from grey?
Grey is a neutral color and can be added to any color. Add a small amount of red, blue, or yellow to grey paint and mix it till you get brown color. Also, you can do a trial and error method to get your perfect brown.

4. What 4 color combination can make brown?
You can mix yellow, blue, and red in equal ratios to make a basic shade of brown. Mix red or green and orange or blue to get brown from secondary colors. Also, you can get different shades of brown using complementary colors like red, orange, and green or purple and yellow.

5. How can I turn caramel into brown color?
Mix red and green colors in your palette then add caramel to it till you get your desired shade of brown you desire.


In conclusion, Mixing color is an art and now, you can’t mix everything and make a good art at the same time. You must know color theory and charts. Now, that you know how to make brown use it to your advantage and give an exceptional touch to your art by including the magic of brown color. The brown color is so miraculous that it will add life to your art.