Rocketlane vs Clearpoint Strategy: A Complete Analysis 2023

Rocketlane software is a one-stop shop used to bring on new clients. And is designed to speed up the complete software project cycle. Rocketlane includes all of the project management elements. Including collaboration and communication. It is an all-encompassing solution that promotes teamwork and project goals. Using Rocketlane software, a job can be completed faster and for more money. Customers receive a very positive experience thanks to it, and businesses gain the favor of potential customers. Rocketlane streamlines client journeys and makes the company more accountable. Additionally, it offers thorough literature in the form of playbooks so that customers always have full visibility. 

A project management and reporting tool are called ClearPoint Strategy. It allows you to combine data from several sources. And outdated systems in a single piece of software. In addition to forecasting trends, you can deliver strategic reports in visually appealing charts and graphs. Customizable scorecards allow you to manage your strategic goals. Along with metrics and action items while tracking your progress. All of these capabilities are combined into a single tool called ClearPoint Strategy. It helps manage projects and real-time reporting. Since each project is an individual undertaking. It necessitates prompt reporting and action tracking, both of which are features of ClearPoint project management. 

Rocketlane Software Key Features 

Complete Visibility 

Dashboards in the Rocketlane program provide 36-degree views of active projects. Utilizing the analytics tool organizes the data and reveals trends. Users can decide wisely when they have a thorough understanding of the project phase, tasks, and statuses. With its automated reminders and notifications, the program aids in maintaining transparency among all users. 


The Rocketlane presentation walks potential customers through each template that can be used to do tasks in a flash. Users can also make their own templates that they can use repeatedly. The unified workplace encourages collaboration. And facilitates customer discussions through comments on papers, spreadsheets, and presentations. Rocketlane’s internal and shared areas enable the maintenance of different versions of documents. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Thanks to the customer portal, customers can access all the information through their own personal portal. Because of the interactive tutorial that plays when you first log in, Rocketlane leaves a terrific first impression. It has a system built in to record each milestone. And aid companies in enhancing the client experience. 

Rocketlane Pricing 

The monthly price for a Rocketlane user is $19, while businesses are invoiced yearly. Users can select a professional, premium, or enterprise plan based on their onboarding needs. For those who wish to try it out before they buy. There is also a free two-week trial period available. Licensed experts can personally demonstrate all the features and functionalities during a free demonstration offered by Rocketlane. Any local merchant may schedule the demo. 

Rocketlane Reviews 

The user-friendly UI and efficient workflows of Rocketlane have earned it praise from customers. As the best customer onboarding solution. During the implementation phase, it helps ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Clearpoint Strategy Key Features 

Strategy Planning 

You can assess if your goals are being met using the scorecard feature of the ClearPoint Strategy software. The scorecard offers a method for tracking the advancement of all calculation-based activities. Through its web-based interface, you can simply develop strategy maps and keep track of actions. 

Project Management 

Your project portfolios and your vision and mission may be connected. This enables you to track progress. And relate it to the strategic goals so that you stay on course. You may assess projects at each milestone thanks to the project management tool in ClearPoint Strategy. 

Reporting Module 

The reports are presented using tasteful graphs. And charts that help you rapidly understand the main points. The reports are updated in real time so that you can make decisions using the most recent data. 


ClearPoint provides a built-in project management module. That enables managers to report on their projects contextually utilizing OKRs/KPIs. And Gantt Charts, and direct connections to corporate priorities or goals. Your reporting process may be made more straightforward. And effective with the aid of ClearPoint’s automated data uploads. Also, report production, reminders, and dashboard updates. You’ll see to it that your team has the data and details they require to make decisions at all times. 

Clearpoint Strategy Pricing 

Various plans tailored to your company’s requirements are available to help you manage the expense of ClearPoint Strategy. There are three different types of these plans: Basic Plan, Professional Plan, and Enterprise Plan. You can increase the number of subscribers. And add more features to your copy of the ClearPoint Strategy software with each plan. Potential clients of ClearPoint Strategy have access to a free demo facility. You can request a demo. And a group of professionals will arrange a time for it. Real-time data reporting of your company’s data will be shown in the demo. 

Clearpoint Strategy Reviews 

Positive user experiences and reviews are available for ClearPoint Strategy Direct. The product’s key characteristics, ease of use, and customizability are both praised by users. The SaaS platform ClearPoint Strategy enables your team to access it anytime, from any location. Reviews reveal that many top companies have fully used this software. To automate their project management and strategic reporting processes. This frees up resources for other work and saves time. 

Final Thoughts 

Due to its comprehensive features and capability to onboard everyone smoothly, we recommend Rocketlane. All software development initiatives benefit from increased visibility, transparency, and usability.  

With its capacity to be customized to meet your needs, ClearPoint Strategy is a crucial component of your reporting capabilities. 

The above information can be used to make a fair choice between the two tools. It should be beneficial for your company, so choose wisely. Whichever software you employ, it should increase productivity.  

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