Moving imagery is the best. Why? Well, because it moves – you and us all. They’re truly inspiring and add to static images’ life and soul. So, what better way to commend them than by writing about them? Remember, the whole thing comes under the umbrella of animation. And the oldest form of it was Émile Cohl’s 1908 cartoon Fantasmagorie. It was an animated film that started it all, or let’s say, startled all the static pictures out there.

Today, we will discuss motion graphics and how they artfully move animated graphic designs. Animations that have taken imagery and imagination to a whole new level. And, of course, the enlightening explainer videos make education enthusing, inspiring, and entertaining. Besides, people love things that keep moving momentously; have striking looks, and a story to tell. Due to the dynamic digitization of our global internet village, attracting clients feels like climbing mountains. So, why not hire a video animation agency that gives wings to your zealous and vigorous activities? Please do it fast, or else witness your rivals sail past you mercilessly.

Funnily, the seller and buyer are like husband-and-wife relations living with bittersweet moments and resentment. But thanks to animations and their splendor branches for lightening up the moods. Truly, moving illustrations and inspiring effects to stock-still images are a lifesaver. So, if you are looking for the best motion graphic animation studios, Video Jeeves is here at your service. Whether you require a 2D Claymation video, 3D illustrations for your upcoming project, animation videos, and whiteboards, EV has it all!

So, why should we buy artwork that moves and have lively cadences? Yes, that’s a good question, even when we know the answer. Sometimes even 2D logos do better than their 3D counterparts. The same applies to cartoons that look superior to realistic graphics for good reasons. Before we drift away from the topic, there are significant explanations for why animated moving pictures outperform standstill “not so inspiring” visuals.

The no.1 reason that puts go-getting animations and gorgeous graphics in the driver’s seat is their life ambiance. By the way, the younger generation and the torchbearers of tomorrow also crave dynamic art and videos with breathtaking effects. Below are some best benefits of animations and how adding explainer videos is enlightening the masses:

1. They are lively and interactive

Motion graphics are moving pictures that move people like in real life. They look as if they’re real and have something to tell; the looks, story, and realness are pretty obvious. Not only do motion graphics and animation look intense and close to real life, but they also convey messages faithfully. Indeed, motion graphics are better and more believable compared to the lifeless static imagery stock out there.

Furthermore, the livelier imagery is filled with emotions, hopes, and expressions. People feel closer to them and can interact with them with their feelings. It’s bizarre to say much, but animations and moving graphics are felt as if they’re factual to the point. Motion works and animations are undoubtedly interactive with sentiments we can feel from within. So, animations are the answer if you are looking for an optimistic visual performance for marketing your brand.

2. Animations bring out the best creativity in us

Even for the dullest minds, animations and motion graphics act as catalysts. They spark crazy out-of-this-world ideas in their minds. So that you know, if you inspire people and take them to the next imagination level. It indicates that you have a decent amount of creative activity happening in your head. Correspondingly, watching ads, short films, and movies made with motion graphics and award-winning animations are good resourceful brain boosters.

3. Whiteboard explainer videos educate better than words

Our traditional school blackboards have gone white with a teacher’s twist. Now we go to the whiteboards stirring the educational departments with a handful of topics’ clarification. These explainer videos are straightforward, concise, and to the point. Drawings and text done by speedily squiggling hands look noteworthy and easy to grasp.

4. Keeps the passions and moods up high

Nothing feels great than the thirst to achieve something others expect to be impossible. Not that you desire to show off your skills or think yourself superior to your fellow human beings, but inspire them. Please do not take your talent for granted and use it to its optimal best.

Remember, you’re answerable to God for things he gave you in this life at the end. So, if you are natural with animation and own a brand, why not enlighten others and uplift them in life? You must realize your inner talent. The Sooner you acknowledge it, the faster the world will become a better place to live.

5. Motion graphics add life to your website

Another great benefit of motion graphics and animations is that they’re readily compatible with websites. Yes, you heard what we said. It feels great to inspire animations and moving pictures to amplify your brand’s platform and customers’ moods.

6. Exciting, motivating, and enlightening

These three words perfectly define animations, motion graphics, and explainers. Watching them makes us happy and lets us look at the righteous and brighter side of life. We feel positive from the inside and feel lighthearted after watching lively video works by animators and graphic artists.

7. Images come to life with animations

Do you know that you can merge pictures and add striking animation effects? You can use stock images and videos for your next project. But please only use copyright-free artist works if you don’t want to get caught in “copyright infringement” delinquency.


Animations are the real deal if you want the artwork to sell – to viewers, critics, and dreamers alike. These inspiring and moving graphic works are treasures animators cherish. Also, a homage to the ones that stirred this wondrous and mesmerizing fine-flowing and affecting art. So, stop waiting, reap the benefits of animations, and startle your target audience without skipping. Let’s go!