Instagram stands as an exceptional marketing platform for ecommerce enterprises. It empowers you to effectively showcase your latest products, attract fresh clientele, and engage in direct conversations with your current followers. When you combine these capabilities with its colossal user base, exceeding one billion monthly active users, the platform’s sheer potency becomes abundantly clear.

However, whether you’re utilizing Instagram for personal enjoyment or contemplating incorporating Instagram marketing into your business strategy, one essential factor should not be overlooked—Best Instagram Hashtags. This straightforward technique holds the potential to expand both your audience and your influence.

The question is: How do you find the best hashtags for Instagram?

We acknowledge that identifying the most effective Instagram hashtags can be a daunting endeavor, regardless of your level of social media expertise. This is precisely why we’ve crafted this article. In the following discussion, we will demystify the inner workings of Instagram hashtags and guide you through the steps necessary to discover the most suitable Instagram hashtags to enhance the visibility of your own content.
By the conclusion of this article, you will be well-informed and prepared to employ Instagram hashtags to augment your followers and bolster your Instagram engagement promptly. Additionally, we have compiled lists of the top Instagram hashtags for likes from extensive web research, conveniently located at the end of this article for your perusal and benefit.

.Best Instagram Hashtags
What is an Instagram hashtag?

An Instagram hashtag refers to a single word or a string of words preceded by the hash symbol (#), typically included in the description or comments section of an Instagram post. These hashtags serve a primary function: assisting Instagram in organizing and categorizing content. They enable the platform to deliver relevant content to its users effectively.

If you’re a regular social media enthusiast, chances are you’ve encountered hashtags in action. In fact, you may have employed them yourself without fully grasping how to harness their complete potential.

Here’s a table of the 100 best Instagram hashtags for likes in 2023, based on statistics from All Hashtag, an Instagram analytics tool:


Best Instagram Hashtags

These hashtags can help increase the visibility and engagement of your Instagram posts in 2023.

Bear in mind that these Instagram hashtags are the most popular overall, so you may find that some of them are less useful for your business than others. If this is the case, you can use All Hashtag to locate the best Instagram hashtags for likes relevant to your online store. Take a look below at some of the examples for specific niches.

Best Instagram hashtags for popular categories

Here’s a list of best Instagram hashtags for popular niches:

Here’s a table of the 10 best Instagram hashtags for fashion:

These hashtags are perfect for posts related to fashion and can help your fashion-related content reach a wider audience on Instagram.
Here are three tables with the 10 best Instagram hashtags for art, travel, and fashion:

10 Best Instagram Hashtags for Art:

Best Instagram Hashtags

These hashtags are great for sharing and discovering various forms of art on Instagram.

10 Best Instagram Hashtags for Travel:


Use these travel hashtags to showcase your travel adventures and connect with fellow travel enthusiasts on Instagram.

10 Best Instagram Hashtags for Fashion:


These fashion hashtags are perfect for posts related to clothing, style, and fashion trends on Instagram.

Why should I use hashtags on Instagram?

Instagram hashtags fulfill various roles, including:

Boosting Likes: Instagram users with specific interests often explore related hashtags. By incorporating relevant Instagram hashtags into your content, you increase the likelihood of your posts being seen by a pertinent audience. This, in turn, enhances your chances of garnering more likes. Hence, it’s advisable to discover the most effective Instagram hashtags for generating likes.

Increase Your Follower Count Employing appropriate Instagram hashtags stands as one of the most effective means to expand your follower base. Hashtags broaden your content’s reach, exposing it to a wider audience. When your posts align with their interests, there’s a greater likelihood that these users will decide to follow your account. This presents a valuable opportunity for ecommerce entrepreneurs, as it allows you to showcase your products and brand to an already engaged user base.

Boost Sales Instagram hashtags offer more than just an increase in social media followers. While this outcome is indeed valuable, integrating hashtags into your Instagram posting strategy can also lead to boosted sales, especially when utilizing some of the top Instagram hashtags within your niche. For instance, incorporating niche-specific hashtags like #gymfashion and #workoutinstyle when promoting gym apparel can capture the attention of users actively seeking related products, potentially translating into increased sales.

Find Inspiration Instagram offers the feature of following hashtags, enabling you to stay connected with topics and communities that ignite your passion. Following a hashtag functions much like following an Instagram user. Simply search for the hashtag of your interest, click ‘Follow,’ and you’ll begin seeing updates related to that hashtag in your Instagram feed. We recommend adopting this practice for some of the top Instagram hashtags, which we’ve included later in this post to spark your creativity.

Monitor Your Instagram Hashtag Performance Notably, Instagram has recently introduced the capability to assess the effectiveness of the hashtags you employ. You can gauge this by examining the number of views or impressions on your posts. If you possess an Instagram business profile, you can leverage Instagram Insights to evaluate the success of your Instagram hashtags.

How to find the best Instagram hashtags

When utilizing Instagram for your business, dedicating time to research the most suitable hashtags, particularly those that align with your niche and target audience, is a wise approach. Keep in mind that when marketing your business, decisions guided by data tend to yield the best results.
Moreover, it’s not always imperative to employ the most popular Instagram hashtags to boost engagement on your posts. Opting for hashtags with a more modest reach but higher relevance to your audience can often be more effective.
For this reason, it’s crucial to adopt a strategic approach when selecting hashtags for your content. Here are our key recommendations for discovering the ideal Instagram hashtags for your posts:

Understand Your Audience Appending arbitrary Instagram hashtags to your posts is unlikely to yield significant results. Instead, delve into the interests of your audience and discover what they actively search for. Incorporating hashtags that encompass keywords relevant to your audience’s interests instantly enhances the likelihood of your content being discovered.

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Analyze Your Competitors Examining the Instagram hashtags employed by your competitors provides valuable insights into which hashtags generate the most engagement. This holds particularly true for larger brands, as they have likely conducted extensive research to identify the most effective Instagram hashtags in their niche. While you need not directly compete or mimic their hashtag choices, it can provide valuable guidance on the direction your posts should take.

Study Instagram Influencers Instagram influencers, known for their social media prowess and substantial follower counts, rely heavily on crafting messages that resonate with their audience, including their choice of Instagram hashtags. A highly effective approach to determining which hashtags to use is to explore the top influencers within your brand’s sphere. By scrutinizing the hashtags they employ and the engagement they garner on their posts, you can glean valuable insights for your own Instagram strategy.

Instagram Hashtag Tools There is a range of Instagram tools at your disposal to uncover the most trending hashtags within your niche. Here are some options:

Tag Blender

Tag Blender serves as an Instagram hashtag generator, assisting you in discovering potent hashtags for your social media content. It simplifies the process of generating ideal Instagram hashtags for various categories such as “People,” “Urban,” “Fashion,” or “Art.” This user-friendly tool is both simple to use and free, making it an excellent choice for experimentation.

Hashtags For Likes

Hashtags For Likes is another valuable tool for generating Instagram hashtags tailored to your business. Its user-friendly interface allows for swift navigation, enabling you to source the most suitable hashtags promptly. Get started by entering a hashtag relevant to your niche or assess your profile using the provided dropdown menu. is a website offering pre-compiled collections of popular hashtags encompassing a wide range of categories and moments, from “Hair” to “Throwback.” Utilize this resource to discover an abundance of top hashtags for garnering likes and amplifying your store’s presence on social media.

Seek metrics This analytics tool equips you with comparative metrics, allowing you to gauge your performance in relation to competitors. Seek metrics harnesses the Instagram API to identify hashtags linked to your chosen keywords. To employ the hashtag generator, simply input a hashtag and click “Generate.”

All Hashtag All Hashtag empowers you to create and assess the most relevant hashtags by generating a plethora of suggestions that can be seamlessly incorporated into your Instagram posts. This Instagram hashtag generator tailors hashtags based on the keywords you provide. With three distinct filtering options at your disposal, you have the opportunity to unearth the Instagram tags that align with your brand’s identity.

Best Instagram Hashtags

Adding hashtags to Instagram Stories

Enhance Your Instagram Reach with Clickable Hashtags in Stories
Adding clickable hashtags to your Instagram Stories can significantly broaden your reach and bring substantial value to your profile and brand. Let’s break down how it works.

Much like incorporating various stickers into your Instagram Story, you can seamlessly insert customized hashtags using the “Hashtag” sticker option. This feature allows you to promote your brand’s hashtag or any specific hashtag of your choice. When viewers watch your story, they can simply tap on the hashtag within it, instantly gaining access to all content associated with the same hashtag. Combine this strategy with some of the top hashtags for generating likes, and you could be poised for success.

The hashtag sticker empowers users to explore and connect with similar posts on the Instagram app, providing them with a deeper dive into the possibilities. Incorporating a hashtag into your Story not only expands your story’s audience but also offers the potential to attract more followers. Since the introduction of the hashtag sticker on Instagram, the chance to be discovered through the hashtags you use has become more accessible. Utilize some of Instagram’s most popular hashtags when employing this feature to reap maximum benefits.

Utilizing the Instagram Story feature ensures that your stories are prominently featured at the top of your followers’ feeds, just beneath the Instagram logo. This prime placement increases the likelihood of your Story being viewed and your Instagram tags becoming more discoverable.

Is There a Limit to Instagram Hashtags? Indeed, there is a limit to the number of hashtags you can use on Instagram. You can include a maximum of 30 hashtags per standard post, and this number decreases to 10 for a Story. Therefore, when creating hashtags for your posts, it’s vital to stay within these limits. A smart approach is to focus on using tags that truly add value by attracting engaged traffic to your content.

Commence Your Instagram Hashtag Journey Today You’re now equipped with comprehensive knowledge about Instagram hashtags and how to identify the best ones to increase likes for your ecommerce business—congratulations! Today marks the beginning of your journey to grow your store’s Instagram following.

Remember to regularly evaluate the performance of your Instagram content. This practice will aid in refining your social media strategy, boosting revenue, and ultimately fostering the growth of your ecommerce business.