Man, age like fine wine may not be true for every man but some men’s incredibly handsome, charming, and charismatic. There is something about them that not just women, the whole world gets mesmerized and finds appealing. You might find some men on the list who are not so young but counter-intuitively they have defeated the curse of aging and secured a place in the list. Today we will give you the latest rankings of the most handsome man in the world in 2023 rankings. The list includes famous personalities from different parts of the world. Also, we will give you some interesting facts about these handsome hunks.

1. Kim Taehyung(v)

Age– 27 years
Profession- Singer, Actor, Songwriter
Country- South Korea
Interesting fact– If he hadn’t become the part of famous band BTS he would probably be a farmer.
The Korean singer, composer, and actor Kim Taehyung(v) has topped the list. Now, he is the most handsome man on the planet. He is a very popular member of the Korean band BTS. The handsome hunk was born on 30 Dec 1995 in Daegu, South Korea. Kim is the biggest pride of the band because of his unique sense of style and exceptional singing ability.

2. David Beckham

Age-48 years
Profession- Footballer
Interesting Fact
– He has more than 50 tattoos on his body, mostly for the love of his family.
David Robert Joseph Beckham is a retired footballer born on 2nd May 1975 in London, England. His amazing face cut, sharp jawline, and mysterious eyes probably make him the second most handsome man in this world. He was one of the best footballers of his generation and was famous for his playing skills. He has also one of the highest-paid footballers and a talented athlete. On top of that, his assertive attitude, dedication toward goals, and helping nature make him a very likable public figure.

3. Ryan Reynolds

Age– 46 years
Profession– Actor, Producer, and businessman
Country – Canada, United States
Interesting Fact- He was the husband of Scarlett Johansson for almost 3 years.
Ryan Reynolds is a proficient producer, actor, and businessman. He was born on Oct 23, 1976, in Vancouver, Canada. He is famous for his acting skills and has 51 million followers on Instagram. Ryan started his career with a role in Ordinary Magic and worked on some other films. But the year 2016, was the turning point in his life when he played the role of Wade Wilson in Deadpool which make him a global figure and get international recognition. He has regularly been listed as one of the most influential people by various famous magazines. Some people also call him a womanizer because of his irresistible charm and heart-melting smile. Plus, his ectomorph lean body and sharp jawline are very appealing to others.

4. Henry Cavill

Age– 40 years
Profession- Actor
Country- Britain
Interesting fact- He was bullied in his childhood for his chubbiness and fat body.
Henry Cavill is one of the most alluring figures in Hollywood. He is mainly famous for his role in Superman. But the amazing thing is that he is not less than Superman in real life. He started his career in the movie Man of Steel in 2013. Since that time, he has always been in the limelight. His hyper-attractive physique is the main reason for this. His sharp jawline and perfect cheekbones give him an upper hand over the competition. Apart from this, his natural charisma and love for acting make me even more desirable.

5. Chris Hemsworth

Age- 39 years
Interesting fact- He doesn’t like his own played character ‘Thor’
If we’re talking about Superheroes, how can we forget the famous character THOR (Strongest Avenger)? His attractive beard and long hair make him irresistible and alluring to others. The actor was born on 11 Aug 1983, in Melbourne, Australia. He is tall, muscular and so exceptionally handsome that some people called him genetically gifted. Although he is famous for his THOR character, he had done some amazing work such as Extraction.

6. Johnny Depp

Age- 59 years
Profession- Actor
Country- USA
Interesting Fact- The pirate owns his island in real life too.
When it comes to acting and humor Johnny Depp has no competition. His famous movie character Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean makes him irreplaceable in the industry. In his, young days Johnny was even more appealing. Although, he has been in the limelight for quite some time because of legal issues with his wife Amber Heard. But this doesn’t decrease even a little love for him. People love him even more now not just because he is a good actor but also for his good heart and generous nature. Apart from his kind nature, his humbleness and simplicity make him one of the best men in this world.

7. George Clooney

Profession– Actor and filmmaker
Country- USA
Interesting Fact- He had his early career in journalism.
If you’re still confused that how a 62-year-old man get a place on this list then think again. Clooney is one of the most handsome men in this world, especially in the older generation. Even in his 60s, he looks so young and fresh. His attractive voice and ideal-shaped beard combined with his past success make him one of the most attractive men on the planet.

8. Brad Pitt

Age-59 years
Profession- Film producer and actor
Country- United States
Interesting fact– Brad Pitt and former American president Barack Obama are ninth cousins.

If we’re talking about an aged man, how can we forget Brad Pitt? In his young days, he was exceptionally handsome, and with age, his attractiveness only increased. Pitt was born on 18 Dec 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were husband and wife for almost 6 years. He has won two Golden Globe Awards for his exceptional acting in ‘once Upon a Time in Hollywood. His great acting skills and his side profile make him one of the most likable men on Planet.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Every man is handsome in his unique way. Also, beauty standards change with time and region. These handsome men are known for their good physical appearance, people’s likability, and Success. Also, only looks are superficial additional characteristics such as a kind heart and humbleness make a person more appealing and attractive.